The challenge of putting on shapewear

Shapewear is very effective in smoothing out the silhouette and creating a slimmer look.

Many women love them and wear them on a daily basis, for special occasions, and after body-cosmetic surgery.

Shapewear is worn by women of all shapes and sizes

I often hear many good things about shapewear. But I also hear a few complaints, such as "It is too hard to put on", "It is uncomfortable", It is too hot". Well, lots of times these complaints can be easily avoided but choosing the correct size. To choose the size correctly, you must measure the bust, upper back under the breast abdomen, and lower waist. Usually, when measuring yourself this seems to correct the problem. 

Another factor is putting your shapewear on. Initially, this may be a hard task. It requires strategically placing it at your feet correctly, easing up gradually, wiggling in, and eventually getting it on. It is all worth it. 

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Always step into your shapewear.
  2. Do not try and put your shapewear on like a normal piece of clothing. Shapewear is tight and the fabric is compressed so you need to take your time in getting it on.
  3. Do not put on shapewear unhooked, leave hooks, and fastenings fastened while putting on your shapewear. This will make it easier.
  4. Don't try to put on shapewear on damp skin. This will make it virtually impossible to get it on.
  5. Make sure the skin is completely dry.
  6. Remove jewelry (rings, bracelets, watches)
  7. Go slowly and be patient. You may need a lie down once you have got them on, but the results will be worth it!